Arciniega Boxing Outreach’s mission is to create a positive impact in our community. By teaching the skills and discipline of boxing along with highly emphasizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal is twofold; first, we want to create and train champions. Secondly, and most importantly, we want to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to impact each student and our community in a positive way. Boxing is a sport that relates to the visible picture of life and its challenges requiring dedication and discipline to succeed.

The students will learn how to apply strict principles used in boxing to achieve success in and out of the classroom, which will impact their everyday life. They will be able to identify the importance of gaining knowledge to use every tool in the boxing ring and life. By describing the similarities of everyday life with boxing life, it will paint the perfect visual. We coach hard work, dedication, commitment, work ethic, and overall discipline is essential in becoming a successful fighter and a productive citizen. We train each student to understand to be the best version of themselves in all they do.The foundation of our program is “CHRIST.” We make it our proclamation and do not shy away from the public that our program’s driving force is the Biblical Christian Principles. We pray before or after each practice and occasionally have bible studies to remind us that it is our “LORD” who gives us the strength and drive to work hard even when it feels impossible. “Team Talk” is also something that we have within our program. Team Talk is when we create time for the students to share/vent about events that may have occurred throughout the previous week, whether good or bad, to allow open discussion within the team. Team Talk is formatted to make the student feel comfortable talking freely without repercussions but only encouragement and accountability. This time also allows praise reports as we encourage everyone to see the positive things in life. Nevertheless, whether good or bad, we open the Word of God to see if our responses match what the Bible says on how to address all life matters. With the rise in teen violence, teen pregnancy, sexual, physical, and drug abuse, school dropouts, and gang violence, we must get involved.

Students are required to maintain an A and B average at minimum. We emphasize Education, Attendance, and behavior at school is a priority. If a student struggles, let us know so we may be part of the solution to help find a tutor or other resources. Like school, boxing is a thinking sport; it is not only physically demanding but also a sport that requires much focus, preparation, concentration, commitment, and dedication to the craft. It requires quick reflexes along with fast processing, planning, and studying. Making it to the top requires laser focus and sacrifice that is unlike any other sport, so our approach is simple. Smart fighters are successful.

Confidence / Self-Esteem / Fitness Builder
Without a doubt, boxing is very physical and can be dangerous; it also can serve as a tool to build confidence and self-esteem. The mental and fitness preparation required from a fighter is rigorous; it draws from the deepest of our core to prepare us for battle, thus building our mental fortitude.

The Bottom Line
At Arciniega Boxing Outreach, we want to help our kids become productive citizens and obtain the fair opportunity to succeed in this world. We want to make world champions that are professional and have an overall respect for life and authority figures. We want to help them understand, as a prizefighter, to be disciplined, dedicated, and willing to work hard to succeed; being a Good Samaritan has to be taught and practiced. Finally, life’s battles can be challenging to handle when not equipped with the proper training and upbringing, thus the Biblical approach.

Arciniega Boxing Outreach is a recognized 501c3 Non-Profit Organization recognized by the IRS.

Coach Pete Arciniega