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Before any Club Member can participate in any training, competition, meeting, or testing session each member must read and sign the Liability Waiver Acknowledgement. By signing the form, the participant or parent or guardian agrees they have read this waiver in its entirety. My involvement in the sport and activities under the auspices of the Arciniega Boxing, Arciniega Boxing Fighters Program, Arciniega Boxing officers, Arciniega Boxing Volunteers, Arciniega Boxing Staff, Arciniega Boxing Sponsors, or Arciniega Boxing Agents acknowledge, appreciate, and agree that: 1. I risk bodily injury, including paralysis, dismemberment, and death; at the same time, the rules of my sport, equipment, and personal training and discipline may reduce this risk; the risk of injury does exist, as does the risk of damage to or loss of property. 2. I knowingly and freely assume all risk, both and known and unknown, even if arising from the negligence of the above mentioned released parties. 3. I willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for participants; if, however, I observe any unusual or unnecessary hazard during my presence or participation, I will bring these incidents to the immediate attention of the nearest official/coach. 4. On behalf of my heirs, myself, those assigned as personal representative, and next of kin, now, release the hold harmless and promise not to pursue a lawsuit against "Arciniega Boxing" Outreach, "Arciniega Boxing" fighters. The league's activities, officers, volunteers, staff, or sponsors; furthermore, my parents, or my guardian "Release" Liability of all those above, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, except that which results from gross negligence or wanton misconduct. I have read and Release all Liability and fully understand its terms and sign it freely. As a parent or guardian with legal responsibility for this Team Fighter or Gym Member, my signature certifies that I consent to the above mention and agree to the release of all Liability. I also agree for myself, my heirs, assign and next of kin, release and indemnify from all Liability, incidents to my/our child's involvement as stated above. By agreeing to this Consent, I understand that (i) electronically signing and submitting any document(s) to Arciniega Boxing Outreaching legally binds me in the same manner as if I had signed in a non-electronic form, and (ii) the electronically stored copy of my signature, any written instruction or authorization and any other document provided to me Arciniega Boxing Outreach, is considered to be the true, accurate and complete record, legally enforceable in any proceeding to the same extent as if such documents were originally generated and maintained in printed form. I agree not to contest the admissibility or enforceability of Arciniega Boxing Outreach electronically stored copy of this Consent and any other documents. By using the System to electronically sign and submit any document, I agree to the terms and conditions of this Consent.